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Blue Exorcist characters have one of the widest range hailing from both ends of the light and darkness spectrum, which thereby presents the infinite potential for extensive cosplaying! Browse our exclusive collection of Blue Exorcist Cosplay Costumes we have collected at your behest.

Characters: Mephisto Pheles, Shiemi Moriyama.

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The Ultimate Guide To Blue Exorcist Cosplay

The world of anime is greeted with the introduction of Blue Exorcist the anime in 2011 after studio A-1 Pictures decides to take up the initiative to adapt the fan-favorite manga into an anime series. The Blue Exorcist manga written by Kazue Kato has been met with tremendous success, selling over 15 million copies by 2016, with the sales chart continuing to skyrocket as we speak.

The success of the manga and the anime series inevitably attracts the attention of the anime cosplay community, who are treated with a whole new host of colorful characters to work by and mimic.

As a result, the Blue Exorcist Costumes and Products are immediately propelled in terms of their value in the cosplay market, and till this very day, they continue to be highly sought after products by cosplay fanatics.

Here at Squinoo, we offer you the chance to sneak a peek into our fabulous collection of Blue Exorcist Costumes where we will help you device creative techniques to help you excel in the art of cosplaying!


Blue Exorcist Costumes – Character Guide With Ideas for Cosplay

In this section, we will try our best to help you get in touch with the latest trending fashion in the anime cosplay industry. So, if you are worried and hazy about picking the right costumes, we got your back. Meet interesting characters such as Mephisto Pheles and Shiemi Moriyama that will dazzle you with all the fun colors they can add to your cosplay game.

Additionally, we have provided a detailed analysis of each character on their costumes, behavior, and other useful tips which will help you extract the maximum value from our products.

  • Shiemi Moriyama Cosplay Tips

If you are looking for elegance and beauty with a hint of innocence in your character, then we have no choice but to lead you to Shiemi Moriyama, the cute apprentice Exorcist. Shiemi is kind, shy, and loyal, especially towards her allies although she has been known to be naïve at times. Growing up frail and alone, she forms a close attachment towards her grandmother and their old garden, which probably results in her shy and passive nature. Keep in mind that it is essential for a good cosplayer to incorporate their character’s personalities while cosplaying.

The costume of Shiemi in our store comes with her large bow tie, blouse, as well as a skirt. However, to complete her looks, you will also need to keep in mind her short blonde hair which can be emulated with a wig. Her pink headband should not be too difficult to come by. Shiemi also sports long white leggings underneath her skirt and black shoes. To finalize her looks and complete your character, you can also get green lenses to mimic Shiemi’s green eyes.

    • Rin Okumura Cosplay Tips

Being the son of Satan himself, Rin Okamura has quite the past in his back. Sent to the mortal with the fate to one day provide a vessel for Satan to possess, he turns on his father and instead, joins True Cross Academy, an institution that strives to rid the world of demonic beings. Rin has been known to have a compassionate and supportive character, although he does show his more violent side from time to time. To cosplay as a convincing Rin Okamura, you will need to exude his same brazen confidence, carefree attitude, and most importantly, be a bit of a baka (means idiot in Japanese)!

Rin Okamura is known to have a number of different outfits. While studying at True Cross Academy, Rin dons a classic Japanese School Boy costume which consists of a black blazer, white school shirt, necktie, with black pants. Top off these costumes, you can also add black shoes and perhaps blue-colored wigs to further get into his character.

However, these are mere tips that can help you develop into a world-class cosplayer. The true nature of your success lies in yourself alone. We humbly ask that you put your trust in the Blue Exorcist Costume we have prepared for you and we sincerely believe that with the costume, you can take your cosplaying to the next level!


Blue Exorcist Costumes Available Online at Squinoo

In all honesty, there are a few points where Squinoo takes immense pride in; which includes our customer service, our prices and many more.

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