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Characters: Asta, Noell Silva, Yona

Black Clover Cosplay Costumes
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Black Clover Cosplay: Introduction To The Story

Black Clover revolves around the life of two orphans named Asta and Yona who were abandoned at a church on the same day. They were raised together and are on a quest to be the next Wizard King.

However, as they grew up there is an evident difference between the two, i.e Yona has an amazing power with abilities to control and wield magic while on the contrary, Asta has no power at all and cannot even use magic.

So, Yona was bestowed spectacular Grimoire with a four-leaf clover when he reaches 15 and Asta receives nothing. However, one day when Asta tries to fight Lebuty who tries to steal the four-leaf clover from Yona, he finally unleashes the power in him and receives the five-leaf clover Grimoire, a “Black Clover“. He then defeated Lebuty and two friends head out into the world on their quest to become the Wizard King!

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Black Clover is a popular Japanese animated series released in 2017 by Studio Pierrot. Featuring the popular comic duo of Asta and Yuno, the series has already garnered a massive cult following and the cosplay of these two characters is becoming an increasingly popular sight in most anime conventions.

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Black Clover Cosplay Ideas

If you are confused about what character you should cosplay for Black Clover, you should put that thought to rest now because we are right here to guide you in choosing the best costume and also the best character that suited you the most.

If you’re the jubilant, hyperactive person with a strong sense of justice, you are definitely like Asta. He firmly believes that those who have done wrong should work effectively to make up for their wrongdoings. He has an indomitable will and is not-judgemental and that is why he earns respect with a lot of people he meets.

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If you’re having a calm and quiet demeanor with a strong will to never give up then you’re definitely like Yuno. He has a strong conviction to be the Wizard King and he only speaks when he really needs to convey his thoughts.

If you think you share the same kind of personality with Yuno, you should definitely join his quest on becoming the Wizard King.

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We also have a huge variety from the other interesting characters for Black Clover Cosplay. Do check out our store and join Yuno and Asta in their quest of becoming the powerful Wizard King!


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