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Enliven the colors of the world-famous BanG Dream! Cosplay Party! Select your favorite costumes from our exclusive collection of BanG Dream! Costumes and recreate the beauty of BanG Dream! for all to see! Don’t miss this chance to make the world a little more colorful.
Characters: Yamabuki Saaya, Hanazono Tae.

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BanG Dream! Cosplay: About The Anime

In 2015, BanG Dream! is released as a multimedia franchise by Japanese Company Bushiroad. Since then, the franchise has delved into multiple media platform, including anime series, manga series, card games, mobile games, to name a few.

The anime series of BanG Dream! is released in 2017 though the combined collaboration of Studio Xebec and Issen. It is fair to assume that a large portion of the popularity garnered by BanG Dream! Stems from the anime show.

Especially after engaging in various media platform, one would assume that BanG Dream! is quite popular, and that is precisely the case. Be it anime, manga, or games; there are not many show that can rival BanG Dream! in terms of popularity. That is why we are sure that with our impressive collection of BanG Dream! Costumes, you can easily be the star of any event!


Get Into Gear and Learn New Cosplay Moves – Exclusive BanG Dream! Costumes for you only!

Walking the path of a cosplayer is not something that is easily achieved. It is an art that requires dedication and perseverance, especially if you are looking to make your costume. Even if you are getting your costumes online, there are still loads of work at hand, such as choosing a reliable cosplay store, wearing your costume right, and emulating the behavior of your chosen character.

In this section, Team Squinoo will be guiding you towards the essentials of being a good a cosplayer. And what better way to achieve that than by using your favorite characters as examples?


BanG Dream! Yamabuki Saaya Cosplay Guide

Yamabuki Saya is a beautiful young girl who currently features as the drummer of Poppin’ Party. She is also a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School. Yamabuki is well known in the cosplay world for her colorful stage costume.

You can get this very same costume which currently hangs pretty in the Squinoo store. With this set, you will get a colorful set of blouse and skirt bonded with two straps along with other cool stuff such as bracelet, headband, stockings, and a bustle. Here is a list of things you can further collect to increase your likeliness to Saya while cosplaying.

  • Brown Wig, ponytail style
  • Royal Blue Lenses
  • Violet Boots with yellow laces

Make sure to study the pictures provided carefully to wear the accessories in the right places. Also don’t forget that Yamabuki is a kind, empathetic girl who acts as the older sister for the whole group. Imitating these behaviors will definitely help your cause in portraying a more realistic cosplay.


BanG Dream! Hanazono Tae Cosplay Guide

The lead guitarist of Poppin’ Party Hanazono Tae is currently a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls’ High School. She is extremely popular among the cosplay community for her cool looks and relaxing character.

In this section, we will be talking about the Autumn School uniform of Hanazono, which is available in the Squinoo Store. However, keep in mind that this particular uniform is not exclusive to Hanazono, and if you are looking to cosplay as other characters from BanG Dream!, then you have no reason to hesitate at all.

The Autumn School Uniform of Hanasakigawa High School is a brown dress that combines both the shirt and skirt in a single clothing unit. Brown is the main color of this costume, although the collar and sleeves’ ends are white. Also attached to this costume is a large red ribbon that acts as a tie.

The classic Japanese School Girl Cosplay is one that has been popular from time immemorial. It is safe to assume that it is a proven recipe for success if you are looking to cosplay as any of the BanG Dream! characters, then this suit will suit you perfectly fine!

If you are targeting Hanazono specifically, then you will need to get accustomed with some of her leading personalities. Her most striking behavior is her calm and composed nature, always exuding an aura that speaks confidence. Her fanatical obsession with rabbit could come in handy for you as you can bring a stuffed bunny with you to portray a convincing cosplay. All in all, take note of these items and if you can get them, they would certainly help you get more into her character.

  • Light Green Lenses
  • Long, Straight, and Brown Wigs
  • Black Socks (Length may differ according to the character played)
  • Black School Shoes

With these items in hand, you are ready to portray one badass BanG Dream! Cosplay for the world!


BanG Dream! Costumes Available Online at Squinoo

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