Super Lovers Season 3

Super Lovers Season 3 Release Date, Manga & Anime Overview & More

The anime industry is an ever growing organism in a perpetual state of continuously incorporating new forms of genre into its realm. Yaoi and Yuri animes are not relatively new entries into the platform, as the genre has been popular for quite some time now. However, in light of the current globally widespread LGBT movement, […]

Kekkai Sensen Season 3

Kekkai Sensen Season 3: Release Date, Latest Information & More

Kekkai Sensen is an extremely unique show with strong storylines, interesting characters, coupled with beautiful animations. Intensive gang wars, crime organizations, a little blend of the supernatural, powerful ocular powers, good comedy, and a powerful story of sacrifice and purpose – these are the elements which make Kekkai Sensen as good as it is. Released […]

Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2 Anime

Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2: Release Date Possibility & More

Masamune-kun no Revenge Season 2 is in great demand, mainly because the first season simply does not cover the whole story and leaves fans with a hanging open ending. Masamune is yet to execute his vengeance on his former crush Aki which seems to be the main purpose of the whole show, as implicated in […]

Children of The Whales Season 2

Children of the Whales Season 2: Release Date & Latest News

There are a few anime shows out there that does a more profound work of world-building than Children of the Whales does. With such a staggering premise, it immediately sets up an infinite potential for a seemingly limitless narrative. Although Season 1 fails to somewhat deliver in a caliber worthy of its godlike setting, it […]

Rosario + Vampire Season 3

Rosario + Vampire Season 3 Release Date, Facts & Updates

An Academic Institution with supernatural elements seems to be an instant recipe for success in literature and media. After all, there are a few people in this world who have not heard of Harry Potter and his adventures at the Magic Academy Hogwarts or Marvel’s very own Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. The world of […]

Assassination Classroom Season 3

Assassination Classroom Season 3 Release Date & Latest Updates

Koro Sensei is one of the best teachers we have ever seen, both in anime and in the real world. Despite his effective demise as a result of being assassinated by Class 3-E, many fans refuse to believe that the lovable alien is truly gone. Fans have inquired on numerous occasions if Assassination Classroom Season […]

Violet Evergarden Season 2

Violet Evergarden Season 2 Release Date & Latest Updates

There are a few stories that pack an emotional punch like Violet Evergarden does, especially in anime. Adapted from the light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki, the anime adaptation premieres on 11th January 2018. The anime series is a work of Kyoto Animation and later Netflix acquires the streaming license for the show in […]

Btooom! Season 2

Btooom! Season 2 Release Date, Possibilities & More

Upon its release in 2012, Btooom! has caught the attention of many anime fans who praise the show for its deeper and more realistic insight into gaming culture. Btooom! Season 2 is in great demand, mainly because of the first season which fails to bring any semblance of closure for its fans. The story feels […]

How To Not Summon A Demon Lord Season 2

How to Not Summon a Demon Lord Season 2: Release Date & Updates

Isekai RPG theme is becoming a common theme in the anime industry. This is primarily due to the immense popularity and recent success of animes such as Sword Art Online and KonoSuba. With the growing and broadening expansion of gaming culture, it is expected that this trend will only continue to soar in popularity. After […]

Gate Season 3

Gate Season 3 Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

‘Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri’ is more commonly known as ‘Gate.’ The full Japanese titled roughly translates to ‘Gate: Thus the Self Defense Force Fought There.’ Gate is an animated series produced and developed by popular anime studio A-1 Pictures. The show has up to two seasons so far, with the first season released […]

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