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Characters: Heroin, Ikki, Orion, Sawa, Shin, Toma, Waka

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Amnesia Cosplay Costumes

Amnesia is one of those rare animes that falls under the category of the reverse harem genre. Not known by many fans, this underrated anime still manages to garner its fair share of admirers, some of which are cosplay enthusiasts like you and me.

Unlike the majority of other anime shows, Amnesia is not adapted from a manga or a light novel, but rather from a visual novel dating simulator game made by Idea Factory. Fortunately for us, Studio Brain’s Base has taken up the helm to recreate our favorite game in the form of a show, following the footsteps of Clannad and the Fate Trilogy Series.

In an industry normally dominated by the whims of men, Amnesia takes a fresh approach by catering to the female audience, creating a show filled with gorgeous men surround an MC girl, which is quite unconventional, to say the least. Released in the fall of 2013, the show captures the hearts of many adoring fans like ourselves and at Squinoo, we further provide the chance to take our favorite show into the realm of cosplay.


Tips for a good Amnesia Cosplay

Tackling the art of cosplay is by no means a simple feat. It takes laborious hours of finding the right outfit or making one. Not to mention the constant torments of dealing with social pressure. Yikes!

First and foremost, by buying our Amnesia Costumes, you have already fixed the first problem of every cosplayer’s nightmare – getting the details right. Our expert of reviewers has confirmed beforehand that each and every product under the Amnesia Cosplay Collection is authentic in its design, color, and faithful to the tiniest details. So that’s one down.

Secondly, to make a good cosplay impression demands utmost confidence on your part and to emulate your character’s persona to the best of your abilities. And that’s where we believe we can lend a hand.

Take, for example, the character of the heroine. If you are looking to tackle this particular character, it can get a little tricky. Aside from donning the gorgeous costume from our store, you can further accentuate her looks by getting a light brown wig like her hair and lenses which match her emerald-colored eyes. Of course, to further get into character, you can get extra accessories or mimic her personalities as well.

For a successful cosplay, it is imperative to know your character deeply. The heroine is a nameless character suffering from Amnesia, so it would be more realistic to portray a more passive behavior that seems lost in this world. The same goes for all the guys’ characters. Any attempt to portray a good cosplay constitutes not only physical resemblances but also requires precise emulation of personalities.

That being said, we put our trust in you that you will make the best use of our Amnesia costumes by portraying a realistic cosplay.


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