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Let’s dive into the hustle of street culture with the latest Air Gear cosplay costumes we have assembled and get ready to rule the skies once again!

Characters: Akito, Kazuma Mikura, Kururu Sumeragi, Ringo Noyamano, Simca.

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Air Gear Costumes Available Online

Air Gear, a classic from 2006 was a sensation, especially during the mid of 2000. It hits the anime industry by storm upon its release. Made by Toei Animation by adapting the works of Ito Ogure, the anime instantly becomes a sensational hit with its weird motorized theme and attempt to emulate the street culture. With all the publicity and popularity it garners, it does not take long for Air Gear to try its hands into the culture of cosplay.

Upon its release to this very date, Air Gear Costumes has always been hot in the market, and its eager fans are always looking for a chance to cosplay their favorite characters.

Air Treks are futuristic motorized gadgets that add a whole new dimension to the world of skating, allowing more aerial mobility and endorsing more aggressive maneuverability. Air Gear follows the intrinsic plot of Ikki and his mates as they battle with this ‘Air Treks’, in the hope to be noted as the ruler of the skies.

At Squinoo, we offer you the chance to reclaim your position as a part of these rightful rulers of the skies. The latest and trending Air Gear costumes are now available online at very affordable prices, to be used solely for any purpose you deemed fit.


Air Gear Cosplay – Tips and Tricks

Air Gear boasts some of the most colorful and fascinating characters in anime history which to this day, continues to dominate the cosplay culture as some of the most popular character models. Take, for example, the gorgeous Simca. To play as a realistic Simca, it is imperative to get her pink hair done right, which could potentially be solved with a wig or two. Her unique white dress continues to be a hot commodity in the cosplay industry, and you can get that from us with a very reasonable price.

Apart from that, our collection of Air Gear Costumes also features some of the rarest items on the internet. Our wide variety of Air Gear Cosplay accessories also includes costumes of popular characters like Kazuma Mikura, Ringo Noyamano, and more.

Ringo, the main heroine continues to be a popular cosplay figure and if you decide to try your hand in that, the first thing to consider is how you plan on emulating her flaring red-purple hair. Fortunately, our store currently has a high quality Ringo costume in stock with a very customer friendly price. After getting that, you should also consider getting her red-framed glasses which matches her hair color, to further get into her character.

Kazuma, the best friend of our hero Ikki, usually wears a black hoodie and black pants, which is currently in stock in the Squinoo store. Furthermore, you should also consider getting his white beanie and perhaps blue lens to match his blue eyes.

Or perhaps if the ‘Pledge Queen’ Kururu Sumeragi is more of your taste, then you should look no further as we have her full costume online and ready for order, having all of its unique and creative design. To further match her appearance, we would also recommend getting a custom made wig and lenses to emulate her hair and eye color.

Always remember that the art of impeccable cosplaying lies on how you mimic the tiniest details of your played characters. Make sure to get every detail right, walk with your head held high, and portray your character to the best of your abilities.


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